Lucia Giacani

Bio: “Lucia Giacani is a woman who immortalizes women under every aspect. Feelings, ambitions and normality are captured through the lens behind which is a feminine eye that knows what to look for and how to express the essence of an entire universe. A woman who reflects another woman: this is the intimate reason of her job. Her look – naturally feminine and revolutionary – is the silent engine that works behind every shot and through all her flashes” (Vogue Italia, 08/22/2013)

“A crucial part of Lucia’s working practice is the planning that goes into every shoot, an avid sketcher, she is meticulous in her preparation. Involving the team in the creative process and creating a pleasant working atmosphere is essential, Lucia believes, for the best results. Results that are perfected in her in-house post production work that take things to a whole new level” (Trendland, 22/08/2013)